Product range

Over 70 years of experience and extensive manufacturing expertise: sanotact is an expert in health and functional confectionery

Our range of compressed and packaging solutions covers food supplements, medical products, dextrose and mints.

Healthcare products

sanotact develops products that can help to supplement a balanced healthy diet – helping you to stay healthy

Nutritional supplements

sanotact’s food supplements contain selected vitamins and minerals in a variety of doses and combinations delivered as effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, tablets for swallowing, lozenges, capsules or powders. This means that nutritional deficits can be rectified whatever the individual dietary circumstances – for example, in cases of stress where there is an increased requirement, for sportsmen and women, for convalescents and during pregnancy.

But food supplements can help your diet in your everyday life too. A change of lifestyle often goes hand in hand with irregular eating or an unbalanced diet, and this can have a damaging effect on your supply of vitamins and minerals. A needs-based dietary supplement can help to fill these gaps.

Medicinal products

sanotact can offer tailor-made solutions in this field as well. Medicinal products from our company, e.g. for colds, stand out for their scientifically proven formulas.

Functional confectionary

Healthy and delicious too – sanotact proves it’s possible

We combine our knowledge of products that please the senses with a comprehensive understanding of valuable dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals.


sanotact supplies dextrose in a range of forms:
sanotact supplies dextrose in a range of forms: from the classic dextrose tube with its fruity flavours to dextrose lozenges. We can enrich any variant with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium. There are barely any limits to what we can offer by way of variety of shape and colour in both compressed tablets and lozenges and in their packaging.


sanotact sugar-free mints in numerous varieties. As far as flavours are concerned, we have everything covered. Whether it’s peppermint, peach, blackcurrant, mango or liquorice – there’s something for everyone here.

Our breath-freshening pastilles come in attractive tins in a range of sizes to offer you pure pleasure when you’re out and about: they’ll fit in any trouser pocket, handbag or glove compartment – to go with you wherever life takes you.