With six brands of its own in the consumer segment, sanotact has been a byword for healthcare products and functional confectionary for several decades now

We create products that can improve your performance and help you achieve physical and mental well-being.

The sanotact brand (formerly the long-established Biolabor brand up to 2016) specialises in solutions for targeted nutritional supplements – vitamins, minerals and other innovative nutritional ingredients and medicinal products. With a particular focus on the stomach and digestive system (especially food intolerances), beauty from within, energy and performance, the immune system and colds and women’s health. sanotact is known mainly for its 100% natural brewer’s yeast products and lactase products for lactose intolerance.

The active ingredients in sanotact products can preserve the appearance of skin, hair and nails and support digestion and the immune system. sanotact is mainly marketed in pharmacies, food stores and online shops.

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The dextrose brand intact has been a market leader in pharmacies for 30 years, and today it has a market share of 60 %* in Germany. This product range comprises not only the well-known, colourful tube of dextrose sweets with its “twirly” ends but also bags of sweets in individually sealed wrappers. These fruity dextrose sweets sold only in pharmacies are available in a several delicious flavours.

*Source: IMS, Segment Dextrose Pharmacy / para. 06.16.

The intact dextrose products are now avaiable in a modernised product design.

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The hansal brand has high-quality healthcare products for the whole family. The range includes specially formulated nutritional supplements to guarantee the perfect diet for all stages of life – from childhood to old age.

The hansal brand is particularly well known in the Middle East and Africa. There it meets the demand for quality products from Germany in the segments for immunity and colds, beauty from within, energy and performance, stomach and digestion and women’s health.

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The demosana brand provides important vitamins and minerals in the form of effervescent tablets for price-conscious consumers all over the world. These can meet your daily nutritional requirements in a delicious and refreshing way.

demosana – refreshing health
The latest brand in our portfolio is ready to take over the world.

IMPACT is one of the leading brands in the Asian/Pacific area for mints with no added sugar – with a fruity kick and a number of interesting different flavours.

Our classic IMPACT Mints, IMPACT Mints Slim Slide and IMPACT Mints Yoghurt are sold in grocery stores, petrol stations and kiosks.

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blink is a trendsetting mints brand developed especially for women. In addition to an attractive product design, it has just the right balance between taste and cool freshness for women all over the world. These products are available in numerous countries across Asia and some parts of Europe.

Unmistakable blink – the tin with the sparkling jewel – a must for every handbag.