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We are a specialist supplier of high-quality nutritional supplements, medicinal products and products in the area of dextrose and mints with more than 60 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, providing a high quality finish and marketing for compressed tablets and lozenges.

Well known clients working in contract manufacturing and trade brands across the world also take advantage of our expertise in these areas.

We can produce your brand – from developing the product through to giving support on legal matters concerning foodstuffs, from packaging solutions through to logistics. With our expertise across all these areas and a flat hierarchy, we are able to react flexibly and speedily to individual client requirements.

We can solve even complex challenges with ease – using structured processes, modular and standardised products and our flexible range of machinery. And we guarantee the highest possible quality and safety for all our products and Services.

Solutions for compressed tablets and lozenges and packaging solutions

As an expert in the manufacturing of compressed tablets, we can offer an extensive range of solutions from the classic dextrose sweet in the functional confectionary segment to the effervescent tablet with vitamins and minerals: “standard” round tablets, mini-tablets, oval tablets, oblong tablets with a breakline, lollipops and capsules. Our packaging solutions are many and varied: blister packs, tubes of effervescent tablets, click dispensers, bags, four-sided seal pouches, flow packs, tubes, metal and plastic tins and secondary packaging such as folding boxes and skin packaging.

Quality and safety

It is our goal to fulfil our clients’ expectations and requirements with products and services of the highest possible quality and safety.

The sanotact company stands for the ultimate in quality. The safety of all our products is guaranteed by a comprehensive HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) approach. Staff training ensures high standards are maintained across all production processes.

sanotact is IFS Food certified (Higher Level) and meets all the requirements of the GMP guidelines in accordance with the IPEC-PQG for Pharmaceutical Excipients. *With regard to sustainability, we have been certified in accordance with the RSPO guidelines (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). You can find current information about our membership here.

The complete production process is monitored throughout: with both analytical and sensory testing of incoming and outgoing goods and extensive interim tests. Our quality management and detailed documentation of all stages of development and production ensure that the products we supply are of high-quality, irreproachable, safe and legal.

sanotact is certified according:


Product development

Your project is in good hands here – we can give you advice, check your requirements for technical feasibility and provide support in legal issues concerning foodstuffs. This is the basis on which we agree the order and develop an optimum product solution. With our in-house laboratory and production test lines, we are able to turn your – or our joint – product ideas into a reality.

It could be a healthcare product, nutritional supplement or functional confectionary – we inspire our clients with ideas for new products – and our innovative ingredients, optimum options for delivering them and original flavours are guaranteed to please consumers.

Packaging design

Packaging is not just something to protect the product – it can also optimise storage, transport and distribution. Moreover, packaging has considerable influence on purchase decisions. We offer our clients packaging solutions that are tailor-made to meet their individual requirements. We can also test complicated and innovative packaging on our production test lines and use the results to develop new standards. Currently sanotact’s standard packaging includes blister packs, tins, bags, sealed pouches, flow packs, tubes of lozenges and effervescent tablets and folding boxes.

Preparing goods for the market

You decide what goes in the packaging. We take responsibility for everything else from the planning to the completion of your order. And not just for the development of new products for a customer order but also for the trouble-free packaging of the products we supply. The setting up of a display case for you, our storage and just-in-time delivery all offer our clients the greatest possible flexibility, when facing international competition too.

Working together with selected, tried and trusted logistics companies certified to IFS standards means we can supply your products without any hitches.


sanotact has a range of well-developed distribution structures. This means we can offer our clients a low-cost, effective service and guarantee a supply of goods to the point of purchase. We coordinate the supply of products worldwide.

sanotact’s success in marketing its own brands has equipped it with long-standing relationships with the leading German companies trading in the field of chemist’s shops, food retailers and discounters. With our dynamic product portfolio in the brands and trade brands sector, our key account management can offer our business partners the chance to benefit from increased turnover and earnings potential.

We also have more than 60 years of experience of pharmacies as a marketing channel: our experienced sales force and excellent contacts with pharmaceutical wholesalers mean we are well qualified to forge partnerships in this marketing channel.

For export abroad, we work together with local distributors who can coordinate sales and marketing, particularly in regional markets in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.