Compressed solutions

As an expert in the production of compressed products, we offer a range of comprehensive and diverse solutions from classic round dextrose sweets in the confectionery segment, to effervescent tablets from the food supplement sector. The basis of our products (and the variety of flavours and colours they come in) is dextrose and sorbitol, as well as sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid. Beyond the tried-and-tested ingredients, we are constantly looking for new types of base materials that can be pressed on our machines.

Different tablet formats can be coated with a film using our coater. This optimises the tablet’s swallowability, produces a more pleasant taste and creates a more appealing colour. In addition, the tablet enjoys better protection from moisture.

Our range of services includes further competencies in addition to the production and refinement of compresses. We also count the filling of capsules among our operational focal points. For this purpose, we use tasteless capsules from one of the world’s leading capsule manufacturers. These are manufactured either with hard gelatine or cellulose as a base, and meet various cultural requirements, as well as the dietary needs of end consumers.

Our formats can be purchased in various types of packaging or in bulk.

Round tablets 6, 7, 9.6, 12, 14, 16, 19, 20 and 25 mm

Oval tablets


Oblong tablets with break notch

Mini tablets

Size 0 capsules

Lollipop format