A long-standing cooperation and continuous development

To achieve even better results through continuous optimisation, you need a partner you can rely on and work closely with. For 10 years SPIES Packaging has been our supplier for effervescent tubes, with whom we have faced challenges and mastered different projects together.

Last year we took a big step towards resource savings and sustainability through a joint project. The results are impressive: the geometric optimisation of the effervescent tubes saves about 2g of plastic per tube. In addition to the advantages in terms of logistics and weight, this measure alone saves over 100 tons of plastic per year. For the CO2 balance, this means over 160t CO2 saved per year.

SPIES has been the specialist in manufacturing of plastic packaging in the food industry for 55 years. It is a family-owned business that currently operates three plants in Melle-Gesmold with over 450 employees and offers tailor-made solutions and maximum flexibility for the industry due to its own tool-making.

We look forward to further successful cooperation with SPIES!